Thursday, May 24, 2012

A revolution in the Martin household.

Now, I don't know about your family but in our house every meal is cooked with cheese somewhere! We use so much cheese it's impossible to keep it in the fridge. (My husband often eats cheese by itself.) A few weeks ago it hit me, and when it did I knew it would be a fantastic journey. I was going to make my own cheese. For some reason or another this obvious solution never occured to me. While I was home visiting for a few weeks this month my mother, my sister, and I went to Sur La Table. Save yourselves, don't go look. It will only cause you misery when you look at price tags. This is unfortunately one of my most favorite stores. And guess what I found there? A cheese cloth so waaalllaaa, my first step into making my own cheese! Since I'm extremely impatient I don't like buying my cooking supplies online, and there are TWO other things I desperately need to find; rennet & citric acid. Neither of these I can seem to find in any store in Del Rio. So this coming Friday I've decided I'm ordering them. I can wait no longer to make cheese it's been gnawing at me since I discovered how simple it was so, sometime before two weeks is up I will chronicle my cheese making, hold onto your britches I'm trying something AWESOME. But don't worry, there will be LOTS of pictures so you can do it too!

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