Sunday, May 20, 2012

Naan bread.

Don't worry you don't need a tandoori like you may think!


1 Packet (.25 oz.) active dry yeast
1 Cup warm/hot water
1/4 Cup sugar
1/2 Tsp. baking powder
1 Tsp. greek yogurt (optional)
3 Tbsp. milk
1 egg (beat the egg first.)
2 Tsp. salt
4 Cups bread flour
2 Tsp. minced garlic
1/4 Cup butter


In a large bowl, empty yeast and then add the warm/hot water. Stir a few times to assure that it's dissolved. Let stand about 10 minutes, until frothy. Stir in sugar, milk, egg, salt, baking powder, greek yogurt and enough flour to make a soft dough (About 4 cups.)  Knead for 5 minutes on a lightly floured surface, or until smooth. Place dough in a well oiled bowl, cover with a damp cloth, and let rise. Let it rise about an 1 hour, until the dough has almost doubled. (the dough should not be very sticky)
Punch down dough, Pinch off small handfuls of dough about the size of a golf ball or whatever size you would like them to be. Should be about eight to ten of them. Roll into balls and allow to rise about 30 minutes.
During the second rising, preheat oven to highest setting (usually 500 F.)  I used a grill sheet (as seen above in picture, if you don't have one you can you use a pizza stone or a cookie sheet I just prefer the grill sheet). Lightly oil whatever you chose to use. Stretch the dough out but the edges should stay elasticy, and thicker than the middles. Place dough on sheet, and cook for 4 1/2 to 5 minutes, or until puffy, the bottoms should be LIGHTLY browned. Melt the butter and garlic in a small bowl and stir, then use a pastry brush to brush the tops with the melted butter mixture. I did about 4 at a time and they came out chewy and delicious. You can wrap them in foil and re-heat them the next day if you'd like, just pop them in the oven for a few minutes and waaallaaa you have naan bread!

We ate ours with a pasta but it's best with indian food. Use it for dipping or eat it plain! We couldn't resist.

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