Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I am so beyond excited today.


My birthday is in 7 days & I'm going to get to make something delicious
for my birthday I'm going to convince my husband to cook with me.. (which is one of my most favorite thing by the way.)

Stay tuned for the hilarious updates on that.

My beautiful mother-in-law bought me an ice-cream maker.

I'm going to make double chocolate cookie dough ice-cream.

Exciting isn't it?

I want seafood. Good seafood.

Phillip doesn't eat seafood... and he married me?? I know, right?

I'm thinking some asian inspired food. Some of my very favorite.

So far on the menu is that ice-cream... yum.
Coconut-shrimp with sweet chili sauce,
Hopefully some spicy tuna rolls to accompany it.
Possibly fried rice, or fried noodles as a side.
& I CANNOT forget bread so maybe those chinese steamed rolls that've been stuck in the back of my mind lately. Who knows?

and now I have to figure out something to go with for my picky husband.

Suggestions are welcome.


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